Brigitte Niedermair. Me and Fashion

Brigitte Niedermair, DIOR magazine n.24/2018, Curtain by Rubelli, 6 x 8.10 m | © 2019 PCM Studio, All rights reserved

The private apartments once inhabited by the Mocenigo family house images by Brigitte Niedermair (Merano, 1971), which, imbued with contemporary and art history, interact dynamically with the architecture and furnishings of the 17th and 18th centuries of the building. The classical femininity portrayed in the works of the time conserved in the museum is face to face with a woman's ideal far removed from it, centered on the powerful female figures dear to Niedermair, aware of their own identity and their role in contemporary society. Me and Fashion 1996 - 2018, an exhibition included in the fourth edition of MUVE Contemporaneo, brings together over thirty images and still life dedicated to the world of fashion and selected from a photographic archive born of over two decades of activity.

  1. Keywords: museo di palazzo mocenigo, venice, brigitte niedermair,, nozio business, exhibitions 2019

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